V-Comb | Lice treatment without chemicals

V-Comb is an innovative device for the treatment and prevention of pediculosis of the head.
Eliminates lice and nits in a simple way, without resorting to the use of chemicals.

Why choose v-Comb?

Eliminates lice and eggs

Combing is still the recommended and effective way to treat infestations. V-Comb® goes one step further by using suction power to extract both lice and eggs in disposable catch filters.

Without allergens and chemicals

Chemical and alcohol based lice treatments are often too strong and unsightly for children. V-Comb® is completely safe and suitable for sensitive scalp.

Detects and prevents infestations

V-Comb® can be used as many times as needed, with its easily replaceable filters, making it the ideal device for detecting head lice to prevent further infestations.


V-Comb® is equipped with a trapping filter that traps lice and eggs extracted during and after treatment. Each filter has a lid to prevent re-infestation in and around the house.

As simple as combing

The V-Comb® unit is easy to use and provides instant feedback and visible results while the user combs their hair with its transparent LED illuminated compartment.

High quality design

For its superiority in design, performance and innovation, V-Comb® was awarded a Good Design Selection. It also met all necessary standards as monitored by multiple regulatory bodies.

The 4-step v-Comb treatment.



Use V-Vomb A1 to check. Check your hair for any signs of lice, nymphs, eggs, or red sores.


Comb daily for 1-3 days. Use the V-Comb to eliminate lice, nymphs and eggs.

Break the cycle

Comb on the 7th day. Comb your hair again for any lost eggs, newly hatched nymphs, or new lice.


Use once a week as needed. Check for any new lice that may have been picked up by others.