Inviktus: products for health and well-being

INVIKTUS is active in the marketing of innovative and natural products in the wellness, lifestyle and trend sectors.

We research, select and distribute technologically unique products, able to bring benefits in a natural way to our psychophysical state.

INVIKTUS distributes non-medical products developed to alleviate and solve problems such as joint pain in every area of ​​the body, inflammation and contractures, discomfort caused by sport or age, as well as stress, insomnia, anxiety and many others pathologies.

The philosophy behind Inviktus consists in the constant research and dissemination of natural, innovative and easy-to-apply solutions aimed at improving the quality of life of the end customer, spreading a greater awareness of the importance of well-being in everyday life.

Inviktus is a young company, particularly active in the search for new solutions and new products, and thanks to its link with international networks and its presence at the major national and international health and wellness trade fairs, it is able to offer products up to today not present in the Swiss market, but certified and already successfully present in many foreign markets.