Lotus – Diffuser with music therapy

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Aroma diffuser, which is the perfect combination between aromatherapy, chromo therapy and music therapy, thanks to the integrated relaxing nature sounds and to the speaker to which you can connect any mp3 player to diffuse your Zen.

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In addition to the classic functions of aromatherapy and chromo therapy, Lotus offers the innovative function of music therapy! With the Lotus aroma diffuser you can connect any mp3 player or smartphone to diffuse “your own zen” or relax with the integrated ambient sounds.

1. Connect the adapter to the diffuser and remove the cover.
2. Fill the tank with tap water, using the supplied measuring cup. Never exceed 250 ml.
3. Add 3-5 drops of Gisa Wellness essential oil per 100 ml of water. Use only natural oils, which do not contain chemicals, such as Peg 40 Castor Oil.
4. Place the cover back on the diffuser. Connect the adapter to the power outlet. Press the central button to switch on mist and light. Use the 3 small buttons to play music.

Use and maintenance:
– If when switching on, the diffuser produces a beep three times it means that the water inside the tank is not sufficient.
– Never fill the diffuser directly under the tap. Always use the supplied measuring cup.
– Use only Gisa Wellness natural essential oils that do not contain chemicals, such as Peg 40 Castor Oil.
– When the diffuser is not in use, empty the tank from the DRAIN SIDE and dry with a cloth.
– Clean the diffuser regularly using a kitchen degreaser and a soft cloth.

For more detailed information on the use and cleaning of the diffuser, refer to the instruction manual.
Dimensions: d165 x h125 mm
Weight: 400g
Method: Ultrasound
Timer: ON
Capacity: 250 ml
Duration: 6/7h
Supply: Ad 24V 650mA
Electric consumption: 13W
No. led: 3
Material: PP e ABS
Ultrasound frequency: 2.4MHz


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