Boom – Fan diffuser

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Boom, the first aroma diffuser without water, thanks to his fan can release the power of essential oils. A few drops are enough on the incorporated pad to benefit from aromatherapy.

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Practical and discreet, Boom is the perfect for travel companion! So small, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, perfect to be used inside and outside the home. A few drops of essential oil on the pad and your diffuser is ready to be carried with you at all times. Relax with chromotherapy thanks to the automatic color change.

1. Open the cover.
2. Add 5-15 drops of essential oil to the pad as needed. For example, 5 drops small room, 10 drops large room, 15 drops outside.
3. Close the cover.
4. Connect the USB cable or insert the batteries, and press the power button.

(For more detailed information on the operation of the speaker, refer to the instruction manual)

Use and maintenace:
1. Use only the cable supplied in the package.
2. Always remove the power cord before cleaning.
3. Essential oils must not come into contact with the outer surface of the diffuser.

(For more detailed information on the use and cleaning of the diffuser consult the instruction manual)

Dimensions: d85 x h70 mm
Weight: 150gr
Method: Pad/Fan
Timer: ON
Capacity: //
Duration: 16h
Supply: Main Unit // USB cord: 5V.d.c
Eletric consumption: //
No. led: 3
Material: PP
Ultrasound frequency: //


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