The wrong posture: what does it depend on, what are the risks and how to correct it

Posture is the position our body takes in the various situations where we find ourselves throughout the day; frequently it is not given the importance it deserves, so we use to take a wrong posture without realizing it. The most frequent cases in which we adopt a wrong position are, for example, when we sit for a long time at a desk, for studying or for working, if we are used to lift weights by levering our backs or sleeping in a certain position.

Over time, an incorrect posture risks becoming a problem for our health, as it affects all the parts of the body stressed, causing backache, in particular the lower back, cervical pains and disorders in the knees, as well as a series of connected disorders that, more often than not, are not associated with the problem, such as headache, jaw discomfort, dizziness and sciatica, etc…

Correcting posture is therefore very important not only for the appearance, but especially for health and physical well-being. For this purpose, it is useful to exercise a lot, in particular stretching, swimming and long walks (paying attention to the position taken); even when seated, remember to keep your back straight and avoid overlapping your legs for too long, while during rest, try to sleep on your side keeping your legs slightly bent.

Peter Legwood shoes are a great help to improve posture: the patented Aequos System, thanks to its inclined planes, keeps the pelvis and therefore the spinal column in line, thus favoring the assumption of a position with straight shoulders and back in axis. The Aequos System also facilitates the overall relaxation of the entire musculature and greatly reduces the contractures, due to the effort made to correct the position, which could then hurt legs and back.

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