The importance of the warm-up in the race

Running is a popular sport among people of all ages as it is an excellent way to burn fats and keep fit, and can be performed at any time you want or have time. The most frequent mistake that is made when people practice this sport is skipping the warm-up, often for laziness, for speeding up time or simply because it is not given the real importance.

By the opposite, taking a few minutes for stretching is very important as it avoids the risk of lesions and muscle injury during the race. In addition, a good warm-up improves performance during the training, bringing a number of benefits to the body:

  • the body temperature gradually increases, the muscles contract faster and, consequently, they are more protected from tears and sprains;
  • the circulatory flow increases and the organs, including the muscular tissues, receive a greater quantity of blood, therefore of oxygen;
  • the articular cartilages are more lubricated, as there is a better production of synovial fluid, and therefore suffer a minor wear;
  • on a mental level, warming up prepares psychologically for the effort you are about to do, thus making the training less tiring.


In addition to stretching, a valuable aid to preserve muscle activity during the training is made by Runway, the foot support patented by Peter Legwood which, inserted into the shoes, provides the foot with a greater support surface, improves the balance of the body and reduces muscle fatigue and joint overload.

However, in case of muscle fatigue, FIT patches contribute to recovery in a short time as they promote a rapid absorption of lactic acid. This patch, easy to apply and anatomically compatible with various parts of the body, doesn’t contain any medicine and uses the infrared rays emitted physiologically to reflect them on the area of interest (the biophysical principle of the body infrared).

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