We are happy to announce the partnership with UFD – Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione SA, which for Inviktus will distribute the line of Patch FIT products. TheFIT Patches, 100% drug free and work in a naturla way, have a painkiller and energizing effect helpful in relieving joint and muscle pain in any area of the body, giving relief and comfort.
The FIT patches act as a mirror reflecting the infrared body that our body naturally emits, thus improving the blood circulation and helps the muscle to recuperate faster acting on the energy channels. More information is available on the product page and in our online shop.
Wholesaler complete and dynamic, UFD is deeply rooted in Italian Switzerland, it serves in a daily basis hundreds of pharmacies and drug stores, and is also part of the Galenica Group, which is the owner of several well-knowned pharmacy groups such as Amavita, Coop Vitality and Sun Store.
The partnership is in addition to the cooperation already in place in Ticino with the pharmacies of the Pedroni Group, particularly rooted in Sopraceneri , and which already sells the products of the patch FIT line.
Active in the market of wellness products, Inviktus distributes non-medical products designed to relieve and solve problems such as joint pain in any area of the body, inflammation and contractures, discomfort caused by sport or age, as well as stress, insomnia, anxiety and many other diseases. Inviktus philosophy consists in the constant research and distribution of natural solutions, innovative and easy to use with the goal to improve the customer’s quality of life , spreading greater awareness of the importance of well-being in everyday life.
Inviktus is a young and dinamic company,very active in the search for new solutions and new products. And due to its link with international networks and presence at major trade fairs in the health sector at a national and international level is able to offer innovative products which until now were not present in the Swiss market, but certified and already sold successfully in many foreign markets.
The resale of Inviktus products occurs through differnt channels, from wholesale or online shop.

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