Fatigued legs: the remedies to relax muscles

Our body, always put under pressure by daily activities and worries, is subject to tension that often results in muscular contractures. In particular, the muscles of the legs, in addition to stress, suffer fatigue often due to the use of uncomfortable shoes and many hours spent standing or, conversely, sitting; in the long term, these contractions can cause pain, and thus impair the usual tasks performance.

It is therefore necessary to follow some simple precautions that can help to relax the legs and the contracted muscles:

  • lie on your back and keep your legs raised and resting on the wall, in order to reactivate the blood flow and eliminate the sensation of swelling;
  • take a warm bath, to dissolve the tension not only of the legs, but of the whole body; if this is not possible, it is sufficient to immerse your legs in hot water;
  • do small massages on your legs; just press lightly on the contracted muscles and rub gently with a circular motion, preferably with the help of a cream or an essential oil;
  • do stretching exercises daily, in order to make your muscles flexible;
  • avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, which can induce to take a bad posture.

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