Creating the right atmosphere for a relaxing bath

The daily rhythms imposed by our lifestyle are very high, and this inevitably causes us stress. We don’t always have the opportunity to dedicate ourselves to activities which would alleviate the accumulated tension; therefore the solution is carving out a little time transforming a habitual action like the bath into a small space found only for ourselves.

In order to make this moment truly relaxing, it is essential to create the right atmosphere, with soft lighting, soothing music and a pleasant fragrance in the environment. So dedicate to the preparation of the bath, filling the tub with hot water, but not too much(the ideal is around 36 °) and adding a few drops of perfumed oil, preferably to the essence of lavender, orange and chamomile, which have high relaxing properties; by the opposite, avoid very foamy baths, which are aesthetically inviting but also aggressive for the epidermis. Finally, after the bath, you can continue to pamper yourself tasting an infusion and massaging yourself with a few drops of geranium or ylang-ylang oil, which make the skin soft and hydrated.

The Gisa line offers a range of products which can be right for you. The ultrasonic diffusors are an excellent tool to create the most pleasant atmosphere for any type of environment, including the bathroom, and they are particularly suitable for aromatherapy. Thanks to the ultrasonic technology, the Gisa diffusor doesn’t heat the essence and maintains all its natural properties unaltered; moreover, the presence of coloured LEDs combines the benefits of aromatherapy with those of chromotherapy. Each diffusor is provided with unique and special features; for example, the Lotus diffusor allows the use of music therapy too. The essential oils Gisa are highly recommended together with the diffusors; they are 100% biological and excellent even if used for massages and to soften the water before bathing.

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